1. The big, big problem with routine is everything starts to look the same. So I'm constantly trying to reinvent how I approach image making, how I approach storytelling, because the audience changes all the time, I change all the time.
  2. "Relax; don't be so hard on yourself." I actually totally disagree. You have to practice to become better. Every athlete, every musician practices everyday. Why should it be different for artists?
  3. My goal is to speak visuals... like a pianist speaks piano. And like somebody to controls the keys and can convey different ideas, different emotions, through to that language. I have to constantly battle to try to kind of refine the act of speaking. Taking the world and putting it into images and conveying them. And for that, I have to constantly produce. It's not done, because the whole idea of being done is kind of the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve.