For a long long time I tried a lot to blogging about many many things in my head even I swear to my self but it didn't work. A big problem behind it. It lost my own blog data. (so shame of me)

This year I learn a lot. Beginning, Relationing, Walking, Solving and Failing. Yes! Failing is a most impact to me and it changed me. But there always good things behind it.

I lost some passion and lost some faith on myself because somebody I care, they lost a faith on me. Even a society that I breathing everyday "THEY" turn to against each other. Push everyone who think different to be enemie.

Today I out of my house with my NEX-6 and walk around my home area (near Khaosan Road) and took a lot of photos and I see most of the moment I captured. They are portrait!

OK. The result of this is a campaign for my own. "Shooting smiles of Thai" I'm grow up from with a quote "Thailand, The land of smile" But now it rarely to see Thai smiles for Thai.


  • Proof that Thai still has a smile :)
  • I love to talking with people but I so shy to do that.!